What a start to the day, Pollie from the middle of the 19th Century, who lived in the village of Saltaire paid us a visit.  She told us of the characters in the village who were her neighbours and about some of their antics.  It was brilliant, Pollie had us laughing out loud!  If you would like to experience this for yourself find out more by visiting www.saltairevillageexperience.co.uk

Then, what a transformation we had Lucienne de Ville, chanteuse extraordinaire.  Lucienne told us about her life as a singer and about the performances she does locally and round the country.

What next!  We have Joanne, working with schools in the UK and France to excite young people about Science.  Three faces of a very talented lady.  You can find out where she is and what she is doing on her new website www.joanne-edutainment.co.uk

Great speaker and entertainer, thank you so much Joanne.